05-Balance Tree

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样式: Astronaut

Applicable age: 3 +Ages

Product style: Astronaut, Rabbit, Frog

Product accessories: balance table, pillar, dice, storage bag, doll * 48, base, punishment turntable

Product size: After assembly, the size of the balance table is 6.57 * 4.49in, the doll is 0.79* 0.98in, the punishment plate is 2.36*2.36in, and the storage bag is 7.09* 9.84in

Product Introduction:

This is a casual and fun parent-child interactive game that exercises balance perception through the principle of leverage. Multiple gameplay options make it easy for you to get started. Challenge anytime, anywhere.

Product function: Exercise observation ability、strategic thinking ability、and hands-on ability

Product features:

  1. Exquisite workmanship without burrs, caring for baby's delicate skin
  2. Adventure wheel, adding fun to the game
  3. Easy to install, comes with a complimentary product storage bag, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere


Gameplay 1: Roll the dice first, for example, if the number is 2, place 2 dolls on the balance plate. Whoever first causes the balance plate to lose balance and the doll falls, that is, the challenge fails, and accepts the punishment of the spinning wheel.

Gameplay 2: Roll the dice first. If the player has the highest number of points, place a doll on the balance plate. If the player first causes the balance plate to lose balance and the doll drops, the challenge will fail and the player will receive a penalty from the spinning plate.

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