09-Challenge Huarong Road Game Machine/Fun Sliding Piece/Piece Puzzle

Sale price$38.57

Applicable age: 7 +Ages

Product accessories: Game console body * 1, with a total of 18 blocks of different sizes

Product size: Game console body 7.87 * 4.72* 0.67

Product introduction:

Built in 500 level Huarong Road puzzle, from easy to difficult. Turn on PK

 mode with friends. Intelligent sensing clearance, cheer for you anytime, anywhere.

Product function:

 pass the time during leisure time, enhance focus and logical thinking through puzzle solving

Product features:

1、 Palm size for easy grip and tabletop placement

2、The chessboard and pieces are both equipped with magnets, which are lightweight and smooth to the touch

3、 Innovation induction chessboard, cheer and cheer for you anytime, anywhere

4.、 Built in 500 layers of Huarong Road puzzle, from easy to difficult

Battery condition: No. 7 battery * 2

Usage: For detailed teaching, please refer to the instruction manual

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