60- Space Catcher

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样式: Astronaut

Product style: Astronaut, Little Monster

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: Display, Card * 27, Monster Hunting God Beat * 4

Product size: Display 5.7 * 1.57 * 7.09in, Card 2.24 * 3.43in, Monster Hunter 13.78 * 1.97in

Product introduction: Fun board game with monster catcher theme, opening up a new way for children's happiness

Product function: parent-child interaction, puzzle toys, PK competition, hand eye coordination, observation ability

Product features:

1. Cute camera design, made of high-quality materials, with smooth edges and no burrs

2. Lightweight and portable, allowing you to start catcher mode anytime you meet friends

3. Easy to operate, no battery required, one click to start game mode

Instructions for use:

Prepare 1. Place the monitor in a position where participants can see it, and arrange the monster card properlyThe catchers are ready for the beat

Press button 2on the monitor to see who can quickly find the monster displayed on the monitor

Find 3See who is the fastest to find the monster displayed on the monitor and use the racket to obtain the corresponding card

Winning 4Whoever finds 5 cards first wins

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