59-Face Punch standalone version

Sale price$22.56

Applicable age: 3 +Ages

Product accessories: mask * 1, main bracket * 1, palm racket * 1, chin rest * 1, handle * 2, sponge * 1, digital turntable * 1

Product size: After installation, the size is 7.87 * 2.76 * 15.35in

Product introduction: Interactive parent-child toys that bring families and partners closer together

Product function:

game pranks, party artifacts, parent-child interaction, leisure and entertainment


Product features:

  1. ABS material, bright and soft colors
  2. The safe distance is 5cm, and there will be a safe distance of about 5cm between the palm and the face, so there is no need to worry about hitting the face

  3. No battery required, easy to install


Apply cream or soft cream on the palm of your hand (do not use sharp objects as they may cause accidental injury)

Take out the digital dial and turn the pointer

The number represents how many times the handle is rotated

The circle represents turning again

X represents safety, take on the next player until the palm clap mechanism is triggered

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