58-Steamship Adventure Orbit

Sale price$73.95

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Note:Cars may get stuck and unable to move forward when flipping or turning. It needs to be manually adjusted. If you mind, please don't buy it

Product accessories:

light strip * 2 seesaw * 1, lifting platform * 1, 360 ° rolling track * 1, several splicing tracks, spacecraft * 1

Product size: 80 * 39 * 48 after assembly

Product Introduction: Playing Orbit Adventure, Unique Steam Ship, Multiple Orbit Gaming, Let Children Experience a Different Game Experience

Product function: Test baby's hands-on ability, imagination, and creativity

Product features:

1. Lovely spaceship shape, breathing spray device, lights on the top of the aircraft, spray appears

2.360 ° flipped orbit, when the spacecraft reaches the flipped orbit, it will rotate 360 ° and then continue flying

3. Ascending track. The aircraft equipped with lighting devices travels to the lifting platform, drives the spacecraft to ascend to orbit and move forward

4. The seesaw orbit will propel the spacecraft along its orbit

5. Rich accessories, easy to assemble freely, stimulating baby's imagination

6. ABS material, smooth accessories, harmless to hands

Battery condition: No. 7 battery * 7

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