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Sale price$38.76

Applicable age: 3+

Product accessories: Mama Bear Electric Water Pump, Fountain Bear, Spray Bear, Shower Bear, Bamboo Dragonfly Bear, Silicone Soft Brush Shower, Shower Fixer, 2 suction cups

Product dimensions: Mama Bear electric water suction pump 11 * 9 * 15, Little Bear 6.5 * 5 * 7, Shower water pipe 70

Product introduction: The cute bear family has a variety of water play styles, soothing babies to take showers and resist emotions, and enjoying the fun of water play

Product function: Bathroom water play, adding fun to bathing

Product features:

1. ABS material, tough and resistant to impact, smooth edges without burrs

2. Cute bear family, multiple ways to play in water, bear mother's nose, gear adjustment

3. Waterproof battery cover for babies to play with peace of mind

Battery condition: No. 5 battery * 3

Usage: Use the Mama Bear electric water pump to replace different functional bears and present different functions

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