53- Awkward Octopus Night Light

Sale price$10.13

颜色: beige

Product colors: beige, yellow, pink, blue

Product accessories: Lamp, button battery * 3

Product size: Lamp 1.41 * 5.51

Product introduction: Funny and cute expressions, making you happy, driving away darkness, and driving away your unhappiness

Product function: lighting, ornaments, phone holder

Product features:

1. Warm yellow light, gentle eye protection, warm and bright all night long

2. Wireless lighting, on-demand play, providing you with wireless companionship fun

3. The posture is versatile, and the tentacles can freely change, grip, stand upright, and wrap around

4. Flexible and diverse, transforming into a phone stand

5. Gently press to emit light, easy to operate

Battery condition: Button battery * 3

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