36-Dinosaur Bean Receiver

Sale price$70.23

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: Game console * 1

Product size: Game console 13.78*9.05 *19.29in

Product introduction: Play a fun ball catching machine with family, allowing children to use their hands and brains, stay away from their phones, and enjoy happy companionship

Product function: Exercise baby's reaction ability, improve observation ability, and enhance hand eye coordination ability

Product features:

1. Automatic and manual, dual mode rotation, can be used even without power supply

2Simulate the steering wheel to exercise children's reaction ability

3Sealed track, fully sealed track transportation, circulating marbles, providing a safer gaming experience

4Fantastic music, non dazzling soft lighting, independent switch, can be turned on freely,

Battery condition: No. 5 battery * 3

Usage: Please refer to the packaging instructions for detailed installation steps

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