35-Manhattan Hand Grab Ball (Dental Glue, Ring, Hand Grab Ball Three in One)

Sale price$19.96

Applicable age: 90 days+

Note: Please play under adult supervision.

Product accessories: Hand grabbing ball * 1, hanging rope * 1

Product size: Hand held ball 3.94* 3.94*3.15in

Product introduction: Three in one hand grabbing ball, equipped with various functions dental glue, ringing, and hand grabbing, to meet the growth needs of babies at different stages

Product functions: Relieve biting desire, visually enlighten, exercise grip strength, firm teeth and grind teeth

Product features:

1. Multiple bite points, fully massage the gums (astronaut contact, asteroid contact, spacecraft contact)

2、Surface activation, anti sticking hair process

3、Multiple disinfection methods such as boiling, steam, and alcohol can be used to reject bacterial hazards

4Lightweight material, anti smashing face, easy for babies to grip

5Soft color tones enhance the baby's visual color discrimination sensitivity

6Fine workmanship, without burrs


Disinfection method: It can be boiled in high-temperature water for about 30 seconds. Suggest removing it and heating it slightly. It is not advisable to heat for a long time at high temperatures because it is prone to deformation.Non disinfectable method: UV disinfection

Anti accidental ingestion: Adopting an integrated anti drop process, it can effectively prevent small particles from falling off and prevent babies from accidentally ingesting.

Attention: The material of the ball is relatively soft, suitable for babies to grind and bite. Do not use sharp objects to poke or prick, as it may harm the baby and the ball

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