29-Racing Obstacle Avoidance Gaming Machine Chronograph Edition

Sale price$62.91

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: game console, timer, lithium battery * 3, USB charger

Product size: Game console+timer 9.05* 14.96*9.84in

Product introduction: Combining racing obstacles with collision sound effects to provide children with a perfect gaming experience

Product Function: Racing Experience, Liberate Mom's Hands

Product features:

1. Front and rear gear shifting, novel gear shifting function

2. Upgrade the track steering wheel for an immersive gaming experience

3. Pushbutton timer, pushing oneself to the next limit

4. The body is equipped with distinctive directional lights

5. Multiple fun sound effects

Battery condition: 3 lithium batteries, equipped with a charger

Usage: Please refer to the instructions for specific operations

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