27-Magic 3D Labyrinth

Sale price$27.30

样式: 101 levels

Product styles: 101 levels, 138 levels, 299 levels

Applicable age: 6+Ages

Product accessories: Rubik's cube

Product size: Rubik's cube 101 level 6.89in Rubik's cube 138 level diameter 6.89inRubik's cube 299 level oval 5.7 * 7.87in

Product introduction: Equipped with multiple mechanisms, it greatly tests children's hand eye coordination ability. You can compete with your child to see who can successfully pass the level first

Product function: Exercise focus, hand eye coordination, and spatial thinking ability

Product features:

1. Adventure through levels. Multiple difficulty levels

2. Material safety. Soft and impact resistant


 The steel ball corresponds to the number 1 and moves forward in numerical order until it reaches the last digit to successfully pass the level

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