21- DIY Pop Beads 700 Particle Storage Box

Sale price$44.33

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Note: The particles are small and parents are required to play with them to prevent accidental ingestion

Product accessories: 2 headbands、6 bracelets、6 rings、over 700 beads of various types

Product size: Storage box 7.87 * 4.72 * 4.33in

Product Introduction: Versatile Creative Pop String Beads, Rich in Colors, Unlimited Fun DIY Creativity

Product function: Stimulate children's imagination and enhance color recognition

Product features:

1、Safe and non-toxic, 3C certified

2、DIY, can weave bracelets, rings, headbands, necklaces, anklets, etc

3、Smooth and without burrs, taking care of baby's hands

4、Brilliant colors, training color cognition while playing

5、Storage box, easy to solve the problem of scattered littering

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