19-Multi functional Small Supermarket 65PSC

Sale price$109.27

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Quantity of accessories: 65psc

Product dimensions: cashier 27.95* 17.72 * 33.46in, shopping cart 33 12.99* 7.87 * 15.94in

Product introduction: Immersive experience, satisfying the shopping pleasure of babies, and a great social partner for babies

Product function: Learn life knowledge through games and cultivate money awareness from babies

Product features:

  • Simulate a coffee machine with a joystick that can rotate 60 °
  • Simulate a small refrigerator, add water to have a spray effect, and the refrigerator door can be opened and closed by 170 °

  • Large capacity shopping cart for a more authentic shopping experience

  • Simulated cash register, 360 ° rotating display screen, 360 ° rotating microphone, 90 ° opening and closing of cash register door, simulated card swiping, candy box, simulated weighing, cash register key (180 ° rotating, lockable cash register)

  • Simulate scanning equipment and simulate the scanning process

  • Simulate small products, the more accessories, the more interesting they become. There are a total of 65 small accessories to choose from

    Battery condition: 5th battery * 5, 7th battery * 2

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