18-Children's Medical Cart 26psc

Sale price$68.00

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Quantity of accessories: 26psc

Product size: 18.3* 10.43 * 45.27in

Product introduction: Let children experience the joy of being a doctor and cultivate their kind character from an early age

Product function: Enhance children's understanding of medical devices, overcome their fear of hospitals, and cultivate medical interests from an early age

Product features:

1、Rotating telescopic shaft, freely extendable measuring rod, can record children's height anytime and anywhereThe screen can rotate up, down, left, and right with the axis。

2、Free to push and pull, sliding consultation, silky and effortless wheel axle design, allowing children to easily push consultations

3、Medical treatment card, providing children with a more realistic role-playing experience

4、Pay attention to vision, prevent myopia, protect the eyes, start from now on

5、Pay attention to oral hygiene, be a small dentist, cultivate children from a young age, pay attention to oral hygiene, and grow up healthy in fun Flashlight, magnifying glass, articulated hammer, dental drill

6、A temperature detection gun and a simulated electronic thermometer with replaceable batteries, accompanied by sound, light, and sound effects when the switch is pressed,Can display body temperature.

7、ECG monitor, paired with CT film, can be freely replaced

8、Simulate a stethoscope. After hanging the stethoscope, press the switch to feel the simulated sound effect of the heartbeat

9、Blood pressure monitor, wrap the blood pressure monitor around the arm, squeeze the blood pressure pump, and the dial will rotate simultaneously

10、Simulated syringes, realistic and interesting syringes and medications, making children no longer afraid of injections and medications

11、Multi area storage with abundant storage space to help babies develop good organizing habits Accessories storage area, double-layer medication storage rack, surgical storage table, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, oxygen cylinder, large capacity flip down storage cabinet

Battery condition: No. 7 battery * 2

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