13-DIY Track&Puzzle

Sale price$20.92

样式: Space Play(blue)

Product styles: Space Play, Dinosaur Century, Urban Orbit, Underwater World

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: Rail Puzzle * 4, (Rail Car、Rail UFO random one), Road Sign * 6

Product dimensions: 4 pieces combined 10.24* 10.24in, track car 3.35 * 2.16in, track flying saucer, 3.35* 3.35in

Product Introduction: Electric Assembly Track, Inspiring Imagination, Multiple Themes, Experience Different Scenarios

Product function: Enhance baby's hands-on ability and stimulate their imagination.

Product features:

1、No burrs, crafted with craftsmanship, only for babies to play with peace of mind

2、Deepen the concave path to prevent overturning during high-speed driving

Battery condition: No. 7 battery * 1

Usage: Connect the puzzle track, install the battery on the car, and place it on the track to drive.

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