08-Desktop Football Fighter

Sale price$23.84

尺寸: Medium size16.53* 8.27 * 3.54in

Product style: medium、large

Applicable age: 3 +Ages

Product accessories: court*1、buttons*4、soccer balls*8、stickers*6

Product size:

 Medium size  16.53* 8.27 * 3.54in

Large size     22.36 * 10.9 * 4.37in

Product Introduction:

Pair Football Tournament, Experience Competitive Fun, Whether it's Parent

Child Companion or Friends Gathering, It's a very suitable tabletop game

for enhancing relationships.

Product features: lRecreationt、 parent-child interaction

Product features:

  1. Elastic launch football, can be kicked out by pressing
  2. Smooth grip design, scientifically reasonable size
  3. Easy to install and quickly get started


By pressing and shooting quickly, the player with the most goals wins

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