07-Electric Building Block Gear Rotating Toy 203PSC

Sale price$54.63

Applicable age:3+Ages

Product accessories: main power blocks*2、trolley*1、track group*1、The quantity of other block accessories can be seen in the detailed diagram。

Product size: Packaging size 16.93 * 8.23 * 12.99in

Product introduction:

Theme park scene blocks, creating your own fairy tale world, rotating gear blocks, subverting tradition. Build your own amusement park.

Product function:

Stimulate children's imagination, learn gear linkage knowledge, improve color cognition, and meet the needs of multiple age groups

Product features:

1、Round corner technology, caring for baby's soft and tender skin

2、Made of PP material, free of PBA, no worries about biting

3、Meet multiple age groups

Usage: For detailed teaching, please refer to the instruction manual

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