06-Gyroscope Aircraft

Sale price$14.16

颜色: Black

Product styles: gold-plated black、gold-plated blue、gold-plated red

Applicable age:14+Ages

Product accessories: gyroscope body、USB charging cable

Product size: Gyro body diameter 3.35

Product Introduction: Equipped with automatic return technology, it is compact and lightweight, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere.

Product function: Keep children away from their phones, increase interactive interest

Product features:

1、No training required, get started quickly

2、Rotation return technology, automatic return, different angles, unlocking multiple game modes, including rotation, forward, and hover

3、Colorful lights, shining brightly

4、Flexible material that can impact walls or drop floors without affecting equipment usage

Battery condition:

Using a lithium-ion polymer battery with a charging time of 25 minutes and 8-10 minutes of use

Usage: For detailed teaching, please refer to the instruction manual

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