04-Portable Microscope Set Children's Edition

Sale price$40.90

颜色: black

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: handheld portable microscope、mirror holder holder、 tweezers、 dropper、 sampling knife、sampling needle、sampling shovel、 hanging rope、magnifying glass、dust removal cloth、incubator、 culture dish、glass slide、collection bottle、anti slip pad、 mobile phone holder、

Product size: Handheld portable microscope 3.74* 1.97in、mirror holder4.33*3.94in

Product introduction:Portable microscope, taking children to explore the microscopic world。

Product function:Cultivate children's curiosity, experience the wonders of the micro world, and increase their interest in learning。

Product features:

1、A portable handheld microscope with a detachable base, providing a laboratory like scientific exploration experience at home

2、High definition optical lens with 60-180 times focus

3、LED bidirectional light source, soft lighting, better protecting eyes

4、Connect the microscope to the phone, record and share anytime, anywhere

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the manual

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