03-Children's repairman creative portable box 135psc/289psc

Sale price$36.40

样式: 138psc

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories:135psc

           Multi hole carrying case, screwdriver, wrench, cross screw replacement head, bracket 8psc, graphic 64pcs,150 to 250 screws, nuts, and nails in total

Product accessories:289psc

Multi hole carrying case, electric drill bit, wrench, cross screw replacement head * 2, flat screw replacement head * 2,Bracket 8PSC, 96pcs graphics, total 150-250 screws, nuts, and nails

Product dimensions: Multi hole carrying case 11.02 * 2.56 * 8.66in, electric drill bit 4.33* 4.72in, wrench 0.98*3.94in, cross screw replacement head 2.36in, flat screw replacement head 2.36in. The minimum size of the graphic is 0.39*1.57in, and the maximum is 1.57*1.57in. The sizes of screws, nuts, and nails vary (the two specifications have the same accessory size, but different accessories)

Product Introduction: This is a toy that allows children to role-play. Playing can cultivate children's concentration and create more interesting shapes through free assembly. Stimulate children's hands-on ability and imagination.

Product function:Focusing ability, observation ability, hands-on ability, and stimulating imagination

Product features:

1、Using ADS environmentally friendly materials, with smooth edges and no burrs

2、Replaceable screw heads to unlock more gameplay

3、Electric drill bit, harmless to hands

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