65-Trackless Self moving Target

Sale price$26.37

Applicable age: 6+Ages

Product accessories: target machine, target * 3

Product size: Target machine assembly size 10.04 * 4.13 * 6.3in

Product introduction: Electric scoring target, solving the problem of random shooting

Product function: parent-child interaction, leisure and entertainment,

Product features:

  1. Electronic scoring mode, can record up to 99 points
  2.  Automatic rebound, automatic reset, automatic reset after hitting all targets, with a reset speed of only 3 seconds

  3. Realistic sound effects, ambient lighting, turn on the switch, trigger the target light sound effect when the target is knocked down

  4. Two modes, one click operation, simple and convenient

    Fixed target mode: Fixed target gear 1, suitable for beginners

    Mobile target mode: Move the target to gear 2, increase difficulty, automatically move horizontally left and right, with a movement distance of 65cm

    Battery condition: No. 5 battery * 3

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