57- Role poly bear Bathing Toy

Sale price$16.20

Applicable age: 3 +Ages

Product accessories:Role poly bear

Product size: Role poly bear 3.74 * 4.13 * 4.72in

Product introduction:

A toy that can be played in water and flat surfaces.  Role poly bear won't fall when playing in water. The cute and fun design relieves the resistance of babies to taking a shower, allowing them to enjoy the fun of playing in water

Product function: Bathroom water play, adding fun to bathing and calming emotions

Product features:

1. ABS material, tough and resistant to impact, smooth edges without burrs

2. 360 ° three-dimensional swing, wobbling without collapsing

3. One click press to spray water, fill the little bear with water through the water injection port, and press to turn it into a water gun

4. A versatile item, not just a shower toy, but also a toy that transforms into a tumbler after drying

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