52- DIY resin crystal pendant

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样式: Magic World

Product style: Magic WorldColorful Fruit DrinkPrincess Ball

Applicable age: 6+Ages

Product accessories: disposable gloves, disposable aprons, wipes

·4 bottles of drip glue A and B   ·1 mixing spoon

·3 silicone molds              ·6 star shaped keychains

·6 plastic pendants            ·2 measuring cups

·6 colors of glitter powder      ·2 mixing sticks

·3 packs of sequins            ·2 packs of beads

·6 E-shaped pendants          ·Cartoon graphics 2 pack

·Connecting parts             ·1 piece of sandpaper

·1 pack of fragrant beads

Product size: 80ml drip glue A and B

Product Introduction: Creative Adhesive DIY, a High Quality Choice for Sending Little Princesses

Product features: Enhance hand eye coordination and imagination

Product features:

1. Shaking produces a rustling sound

2. Can be freely worn on backpacks or keys

3. Easy to operate and learn

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