50-DIY Cream Gum Sweet Cup

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Applicable age: 3+Ages  

Note: The product materials cannot be consumed. Children need to be accompanied by adults when playing.

Product accessories:

lightweight clay * 8cream glue * 2model board * 1pastry tube * 8simulated fruit * 2storage box * 2tools * 3Crystal cup * 6paper cup * 6forming mold * 2

Product dimensions:

5g/piece of paper clay30g/piece of cream glu8.27 * 4.13 * 0.39in model board

Product Introduction:

 A wonderful combination of cream glue and sweet cups, handcrafted, enjoying DIY fun

Product function: hand eye coordination, imagination

Product features:

1DIY various types of desserts, such as cake cups, ice cream cups, cookies, etc

2Rich accessories, unlimited creativity

Usage: Choose the dessert you want to make, use colored clay or mold made accessories, and other small accessories. Decorate with decorative cream glue

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