46-8-wheel water cannon spray dual remote control toy car

Sale price$83.50

Applicable age: 6+Ages

Product accessories: toy car, handle remote control, watch remote control, lithium battery, USB lithium battery charging cable, water bottle 500psc * 5, small water bottle

Product size: Toy car fully unfolded size 13.78* 8.46* 6.3in, water bullet 0.28in

Product introduction: A multifunctional toy car, with one car for multiple vehicles, high-quality workmanship for longer durability

Product function: leisure and entertainment, PK sports

Product features:

1. Water bullet turret, 180 ° rotation, one click launch.

2. Namwheel, capable of 360 ° rotation in place, lateral movement left and right, driving freely.

3. Spray function, add water, one button spray

4. 8 rounds of flipping for easy obstacle crossing

5.Dual remote control operation

Handle remote control: operate 2.4GHz wireless remote control with both hands, and the remote control distance can reach 30-50 meters.

Watch remote control: One hand controls everything, and the remote control distance can reach 20-30 meters

6.Cool lighting, special effects music, more fun driving

Battery condition: Remote control battery: 1.5V/AA * 2

Toy car battery: 7.4V lithium battery, USB cable charging, charging for 2 hours, usage time of about 28 minutes

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