45-Dancing Car

Sale price$55.34

颜色: Green

Product colors: greenblue

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: Toy carremote controlUSB charging cable

Product size: Toy car 9.45 * 7.48 * 5.9in

Product Introduction: A dancing car that I believe will bring you surprises and joy

Product function: leisure and entertainment, PK sports

Product features:

1. Vertical 360 ° rotation, achieved through the combination of rear wheels and supporting wheels

2. The car door can be opened, and moving forward or selecting can drive the car door to open

3. Strong obstacle avoidance device, high-quality shock absorption, providing support for off-road driving

4. 2.4GHz, wireless remote control, remote control distance can reach 30-50 meters.

5. Cool lighting and music, the car door that opens while moving, like a dancing bird

Battery condition: Remote control 5 battery * 2, toy car USB charging cabl

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