38-Double sided Rotating Magic Bean Cube

Sale price$12.64

颜色: White

Product colors: whitepink

Applicable age: 3+

Product accessories: Rubik's cubeLanyard

Product size: Rubik's cube 4.72 *3.54*1.1in

Product Introduction: Zhiqu Magic Cube Beans, Double sided Finger Ball Plate, Upgraded Massage Function, Relieving Depression and Pressure

Product function: Enhance focus, spatial and logical thinking abilities of the brain, and exercise hand eye coordination

Product features:

1Upgrade the difficulty of double-sided ball rolling, with colored small beads on both sides, and the middle module can be flipped easily

2Wolf tooth stick massage knob, rolling massage, evenly applied force, press wherever you feel uncomfortable

3Button design to regulate negative emotions, circular buttons and switch buttons with different tactile sensations, can be pressed at any time to release pressure

4Wearing a Lanyard for easy carrying

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