37- Children's Cartoon Digital Dual Camera Small Camera

Sale price$36.48

样式: Shiba Dog

Product styles: Shiba Dog, Panda, Unicorn, Star Wish Rabbit

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: camera, tripod, hanging rope, USB charging cable, SD card, card reader

Product dimensions: Camera3.54* 2.17*3.94in, Tripod height 3.94in, SD card 8G

Product introduction: Cute design, accompanying children's growth, helping them learn to record every bit of life

Product function: Cultivate children's photography interests and hobbies, record life

Product features:

1Triple protective screen, upgraded blue light, taking care of children's eyes

21080p video, being a director of one's own life

32000W dual camera, large sensing chip, each lens is more delicate

4Detachable bracket, unlocking more photo taking methods, built-in knob for easy disassembly

5Ultra long battery life standby, 400mAh polymer physical battery, standby time up to 1-2 hours

6Multi functional design, built-in 28 cute photo frames with large stickers, 5 games, 6 color filters, 8 hash mirrors, timed shooting

Charging mode: USB charging

Usage: For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual

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