32-Space Lniverse

Sale price$33.26

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: launch pad, small rocket * 6, air pump * 2

Product size: Launch pad12.2 *8.27 *13.19in

Product Introduction: A toy that integrates parent-child interaction and dog interaction. It does not require batteries and is very suitable for outdoor activities. It easily brings children closer and reduces the physical exertion when playing with dogs

Product features: parent-child interaction, pet interaction, outdoor sports

Product features:

1. Foot operated air pump, strong power conversion, maximum range of 20 meters

2. Multi angle adjustment, 180 ° flexible switching

3. Flash Arrow Cannon, Cool Night Play

4. Eva foam cotton material, smooth shape, soft and light, strong resilience, reusable

5. Accessible interaction with beloved pets

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