26-Little Bear Clamping Doll Machine

Sale price$56.60

颜色: Yellow

Product colors: greenpinkyellow

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: doll machine, doll * 10, twisted egg * 10

Product size: Doll machine 8.07* 7.68 *12.4in

Product introduction: The little bear doll clipper has endless fun, and your brain is full of imagination and you can't stop playing

Product function: Exercise baby's hands-on ability, cultivate baby's focus, and liberate mother's hands

Product features:

1. Strong gripping and easy handling of dolls

2. Environmentally friendly materials carefully polished

3. Paper blind box, new gameplay for twisting eggs

4. Two power supply modes, play as you please

Battery condition: No. 5 battery * 4, USB charging port

Usage: Please refer to the instructions for specific operations

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