23-Magnetic Color Classification Labyrinth

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样式: Ice cream

Product style: Ice cream, paint bucket, animal

Applicable age: 3+Ages

Product accessories: Labyrinth board * 1, magnetic pen * 1

Product size: Maze plate 11.81* 8.66in, magnetic pen 3.15in

Product Introduction: Three styles of maze to meet the personal preferences of babies. By moving magnetic blocks for color classification, babies can exercise their brains and gain a sense of achievement in games.

Product function: Digital enlightenment, color recognition, exercise hand eye coordination

Product features:

1. Carefully selected materials, safe and durable. Heat transfer printing pattern, high transparency plastic board, thickened wooden base plate, reinforced buttons

2. Number, quantity, and color cognition. Numbers 1-10, corresponding number of magnetic balls and corresponding color

3. Grip pen training, moving beads over obstacles. Use a magnetic pen to transport the ball to the designated location and exercise the baby's hand strength


 Select the small ball to be transported

Drag the ball along the trajectory to the corresponding color area

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