11-Dinosaur Disk Footstep Launcher Game

Sale price$41.75

颜色: Yellow

Applicable age: 3 +Ages

Product colors: pink、yellow、green

Product accessories: Dinosaur launcher body * 1, safety glasses * 2, vangnet* 2, disc * 8

Product size: Dinosaur launcher body 11.53 * 5.04 * 10.16in

Product Introduction: A fun and energy releasing toy that is not limited to indoor or outdoor environments and does not require charging. This product is easy to carry and can be played anytime, anywhere

Product function: Exercise children's hand eye coordination and reaction abilities, enabling them to move around. Very suitable for parent-child interaction.

Product features:

1、This product does not require batteries, just step on it to fly

2、Equipped with protective goggles to prevent accidents from occurring

3、You can compete indoors and outdoors, and there are no restrictions on the

 sports location

4、Step on it, catch it, simple game, easy to get started with

Instructions for use: Install disc, put on an internet bag, wear protective goggles, and step on the transmitter

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